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As an executive, your track record of excellence has paid off in promotions and new opportunities. You’ve dedicated most of your time and energy over the course of your career to jumping over mission-critical hurdles and creating winning formulas to realize your company’s vision.

You have NOT spent years learning the art and skill of writing resumes.

It’s no wonder it doesn’t come easy!

I hear all the time from prospective clients:

"I should be good at this."
"I have no idea why this is so hard for me."
"I need to stand out and don’t know how."

If you …

have trouble communicating what differentiates you from the sea of extraordinary candidates vying for the same position, or…

are failing to generate the interest that you know your exceptional background warrants, or…

are you too busy ensuring the success of your company to spend endless hours creating career documents that still fail to generate interest, or …

are unemployed and feeling nervous as the clock ticks and you get further and further away from that fast-rising career momentum you once enjoyed …

There is a solution!

What can Tiffany Hardy of Top1resumes do for me?

Through an exclusive service, where your exceptional leadership profile is given the undivided attention it deserves, we will work together through both questionnaire and in-depth, focused interview to craft your career documents. This service is not a mass assembly line typing service where your career details are quickly inserted into a template.

The result will be a powerful resume that:

Gets to “Wow!”

Within seconds the reader will know that you are not a cookie-cutter executive. Your resume will trumpet gripping copy, a clearly defined message of value, and strong visual branding. Leave the trite and well-worn language and design templates for the hundreds of other resumes in the stack. YOUR resume will be all about YOU and ONLY YOU—and will differentiate you from the other frontrunners.

Targets Your Ideal Role

Your resume will convey – in the blink of an eye – your perfect fit for your ideal leadership. A focused, targeted resume will repel wrong-fit opportunities and attract right-fit ones, demonstrating how your background aligns with your career objective.

Features a Custom, Modern, Succinct, and Reader-Friendly Design

Your rich and complex leadership background will be condensed down to 2 – 3 pages of tightly written, high-impact, focused content that emerges in a customized design that will guide the reader through your story and allow them to skim it for key information. All decisions on formatting, design, and layout are made strategically based on your industry and the unique strengths that must be highlighted.

Contains Strong Accomplishments

Employers are most interested in your ROI value, your performance, and the challenges you have overcome. While it is important to communicate scope of responsibility and the scale in which you have operated, the focus of your career story will be on what you successfully delivered.

Includes Industry Keywords

Your executive resume writer will position you as a true insider in your specific field by using the language appropriate to your area of expertise or industry, enabling your document to pass through applicant tracking software systems. This ensures your resume will not be discarded before a human being has even looked at it.

With a branded executive resume in hand, supported and augmented by other brand-specific documents, you will be well on your way to capturing the attention that your extraordinary profile warrants.

How does Top1Resumes writer Tiffany Hardy create “wow!”-worthy resumes?

By leveraging strong executive resume writing expertise (Tiffany Hardy is one of just 19 Certified Executive Resume Masters worldwide) and by keeping volume low, the quality offered by Top1Resumes is among the absolute best in the industry.

Tiffany Hardy brings a robust business vocabulary, an ability to extract key information during the intake process, and a talent for synthesizing a complex background into a compelling career story. But perhaps the most critical ingredient in her recipe for success is her absolute dedication to each individual project.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward advancing your career with a powerful resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and more, schedule an appointment with Certified Executive Resume Master, Tiffany Hardy for a no-obligation consultation.

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